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1-2 day nationwide ground shipping

Improve customer satisfaction and earn repeat business from shoppers.

15 fulfillment centers nationwide

Rakuten Super Logistics has fulfillment center locations that are strategically placed throughout the United States.

Reduced shipping costs & transit times

Save on shipping costs and expedite shipping times with the 1-2 day delivery network. 

100% order accuracy guaranteed

Every order is shipped from our fulfillment center within 1 business day, with 100% accuracy guaranteed!

ServicesResourcesBlogWhy RSL?

Have you been forced to pause your non-essential sales? Or have you experienced a slowdown that’s out of your control?

What clients think of Rakuten Super Logistics

Now that we have outsourced fulfillment and shipping through Rakuten Super Logistics, we can spend more time developing exciting new products for our customers.

The system and high-quality staff that Rakuten Super Logistics has in place ensures that your company is treated like their own.

Seamless integration with top eCommerce platforms

Are shipping restrictions crushing your eCommerce business right now?

RSL is here to support you and can give you the best shipping and fulfillment options and continue helping you scale your business.

Our nationwide network is your new solution to expedited shipping at an economical price. We are here for you today and tomorrow.

We understand that your goods may be deemed non-essential elsewhere, but we view your business and your livelihood as essential.

We ship almost everything!

Call us for even faster service at 866.722.9687 or fill out the form and we'll get back to you!